Andrew Hartman

Simply too damn nice.

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Simply Too Damn Nice

In one of my first improv classes, my coach said “I want to see you be meaner. You’re simply too damn nice.”

That’s kinda been true my entire life, so I decided to run with it.

What else would you like to know? I can talk about my professional history as a corporate trainer, my director experience in productions for kids, my acting experience across all kinds of things (from Narnia to the Village of Willy Nilly)


I can say that Board Games are my favorite. We could grab a beer and game for an entire day!

Cats bring me so much more joy than dogs.

My wife is literally my favorite person. #nocompetition

The Labyrinth is still my favorite movie of all time. 

I always want to feel like I’m just being a walking caricature of myself.

My average workload allows me to turn around most projects in 1 business day or less. Sometimes within an hour. Let’s talk on how to make it all happen. 513.426.6684 or

Studio Gear

Andrew’s Personal Profession Studio is equipped with:


Synco D2, Sennheiser MK4


Sony MDR 7506

Audio Interface

Apollo Solo