Voice Over

Andrew is a Voice Over Artist working in the Cincinnati area. 

He began developing his voice as a Corporate Trainer where his empathetic and trustworthy tone educated new hires. His voice found new range in storytelling through his work with children at a large Cincinnati church, both in live presentations and video recordings.

Andrew was trained how to focus these experiences and more to bring them to the microphone and deliver what your project needs.

"It's not just about what you want to say, its how you want to say it."

Your audience deserves more than just hearing what you are saying; you want them to feel what is being said. They should feel compelled, confident, and cared for. They deserve to hear the Hart behind your message.

Andrew’s delivery and voice has been described as trustworthy, warm, friendly, and engaging. He will provide the voiceover you seek for your narration, e-learning, commercial,  corporate training, documentary, or promotional/infomercial  project.

Recording Studio

Andrew records from home in his Personal Professional Studio. He can also do in-person recordings in your studio.

My Clients